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Xtrend ET 9500 full HD Twin Tuner with HbbTV og 3D Klar - LTD

Wireless network, by using a USB wireless adapter, you can now enjoy a wireless connection and no more cabling towards your receiver. Interchangeable tuners, the Xtrend ET-9500 has two interchangeable tuners. This receiver has a stylish and timeless design. The receiver has a beautiful black display which makes the receiver look very clear and peaceful. The Xtrend ET-9500 has two interchangeable tuners and can be equipped as desired with DVB-S2, DVB-C or DVB-T tuners. Digital Twin Hbb hdtv Satellite Receiver xtrend et 9500 hd linux Full HD USB PVR Ready Sat. Xtrend et 9500 hd linux Full HD Hbb TV Twin Sat Receiver USB PVR. Qwerty RCU, the Xtrend ET-9500 can be controlled with a qwerty keyboard. The qwerty keyboard can be bought separately. Keyboard and mouse, you can choose to control your Xtrend ET-9500 with a USB keyboard and mouse.

The major difference is that this receiver, as opposed to the Xtrend ET9200 and Xtrend ET9000, can be equipped with 2x DVB-S2 or 1xDVB-S2 and 1x DVB-C tuner. The Linux based Xtrend ET-9500 is a very extensive HD satellite receiver with numerous functions, that can even be expanded when you hook the receiver up to the internet and when you. PIP, the so called PIP (picture in picture) function is supported. Automatic fan speed, the Xtrend ET-9500 is equipped with a heat sensor which regulates the fan speed. Remote control, the luxurious remote control assures you a great user experience. Availability: Item no.: 100466; Variations in: Tuner; The main feature is the 1300 MHz Dual Core processor, the Xtrend ET 10000 supports the Linux TV API.

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