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Runs away. That scene might startle young viewers. Elliot waits in a lawn chair outside of his house's tool shed, knowing E.T. Is inside. After falling asleep, Elliot hears shuffling and sees E.T. Review Date: June 28, 2005; Rated: PG; Genre: Science Fiction; Release Year:. Is absolutely inappropriate for what would otherwise be a fantastic family film. Online submission FOR film ratings The Classification and Rating, administration (cara) issues ratings for motion pictures exhibited and distributed. Succumbs to his illness and dies. They try to use defibrillator, but it only causes his body to be thrown up and down. Even though E.T. Survives, this is widely considered to be the saddest and most intense part of the film.

Slowly coming out of the tool shed towards him. E.T. Continuously stops and then suddenly walks closer and closer. Although E.T. Obviously doesn't harm Elliot, this scene is quite frightening and could possibly be the scariest in the entire film. Common Sense Media improves the lives of kids and families by providing independent reviews, age ratings, other information about all types of media.

Intense music plays throughout. Elliot's first encounter with E.T. Is a bit of a jump scare. Elliot is searching through corn stalks, following E.T.'s tracks. When he finally finds him, both scream at each other and E.T.