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I took all the necessary climbing equipment (for ice and rock and we were on schedule to finish the route before the bad weather arrived. I was too short-sighted not to take more jackets and to think that the weather would be friendly.

Scary Saturday. Thank you thank you thank you pghm Chamonix Mont-Blanc.". Jean-Louis Verdier (guide and assistant in charge of security in the mountains, Chamonix) stated that, mountain practice must be undertaken with adequate equipment so that one can face bad weather. Jornet destroys the previous speed record, set 23 years ago, by Swiss Pierre-André Gobet on, taking 14 minutes off Gobet's long standing record! Departing at 04:46 with Matheo Jacquemoud, as the first light of day fell on the eglise St.

They reached the summit of Mont-Blanc in a staggering time of 3 hours 33 minutes, covering a vertical distance of 3800m of ascent and a flat earth distance of 8000m. Their average ascent speed exceeded 1000m per hour.

They took the same route to return to Chamonix. The descent is much more dangerous than the ascent. A runner's momentum from a slip easily becomes a fall and at these altitudes on very steep terrain, a fall can go a very long way and easily have fatal consequences.

Kilian Jornet summits Mont-Blanc with a record smashing time under five hours. From, the offically recorded time for the fastest ascent descent of Mont-Blanc is 4 hours 57 minutes! This record is not for a one way ascent of the mountain, it includes the dangerous descent back down to Chamonix. Matheo continued to decend slowly with the skier and cameraman, Vivian Buchez. Kilian said, \ once Matheo was safely out of the crevasse, I decided to continue on alone. \ having lost time, he continued at a potential break-neck speed, arriving back at the church in 1 hour 24 minutes, from the top of Mont-Blanc! Im very angry when I see the continued rise of running shoes despite our prevention messages. Guides are repeatedly angry as they meet more and more trailers in running shoes, as they follow Kilian Jornet and the example he gives, on the route up Mont Blanc.

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