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Version digitale offerte avec digicopy, achetez vos albums sur m ou en magasin Fnac et téléchargez gratuitement leur version digitale. Les achats réalisés sur m auprès de vendeurs de la marketplace ne sont pas éligibles au service Digicopy. Watch it Each and every season we fall in love with a new song or a new band, but we're always pleasantly surprised when we hear from an artist that we remember from the beginning episodes of the show. The season seven finale, episode 7.22, closed out with a multitude of just that. Series creator and executive producer Mark Schwahn closed last season with an original and heartfelt coda, "Carry You Home" by Nashville Skyline. 3 soundtrack Buy Online: iTunes Amazon featured video Watch as cast members of One Tree Hill talk about the third soundtrack, the importance of the shows connection with music. OTH music @ myspace Make sure you add the Official OTH Music Guide on MySpace! Schwahn himself. The song was featured during the montage of scenes showing the friends sliding down the hill while in Park City, Utah before ending at the cliffhanger. "I had been trying a lot of good songs to the final sequence of the One Tree Hill season finale, but nothing seemed to work perfectly. In December of 2009, Miriello and Dmuchowski traveled to Canada to write and record with Wells. Once they completed a set of ten songs, they realized they had a collection of material that transcended traditional pop. Official MySpace susie SUH "In the Moonlight" as heard in episode #7.21 Los Angeles based indie pop/folk/soul band, SO SO, is anything but ordinary. When singer/songwriter, Amie Miriello, acoustic guitarist, Jay Dmuchowski, and Canadian producer, Rob Wells meant to put a songwriting team together, something else happened that grew far beyond their intentions. CD album 1051, dont look away - CD album 806, a fine mess - CD album 16, chariot - CD album 1074, slumdog millionaire - CD album, cD album 765, orgueil et préjugés - CD album.