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A rebours de Joris Karl Huysmans - Lecture/Ecriture

During his time as Cécile's teacher, Valmont is also able to win the heart of the Présidente de Tourvel. However, the Marquise de Merteuil is not so easily pleased. Rather than encourage the Vicomte de Valmont to meet the conditions of their original agreement, she mocks him for having fallen in love with the Présidente de Tourvel. During this time, Valmont is out in the country on his aunt's estate, trying to turn the Présidente de Tourvel's head. He has very little luck in this department despite his use of every known trick in the book. And thus it is that Valmont resolves to seduce the little Volanges as revenge for her mother's only too accurate trash-talk. Cécile's "seduction" would be more accurately termed "rape but the girl is persuaded to enter into a bizarre student-teacher relationship with Valmont, so that for a while she is being courted by Danceny and "loved" nightly by Valmont. Now things are really looking bad for everyone involved. The Présidente de Tourvel removes herself to a convent where she proceeds to die of grief and shame. Merteuil and Valmont are never able to reconcile their little snit and can only agree to go to war with one another.

Valmont accepts the Marquise's proposal somewhat coolly, since he already has his eyes on another prey, the highly religious Présidente de Tourvel, the chaste wife of a member of Parliament. But, never one to refuse a challenge, Valmont suggests that he and the Marquise enter into a slightly different bet: if he can obtain written proof that he has slept. "isPayOrJoin false essayUpload true site_id 13 autoComplete false logPixelPath m/m/connexion joinUrl m/inscription payPlanUrl commande/paiement/2001 upgradeUrl commande/premium freeTrialUrl null showModal null showModalUrl null joinFreeUrl contribuer? Newuser1 analytics googleId UA ".

Valmont's pride does not withstand these attacks very well, and to avoid compromising his reputation as a good-for-nothing gigolo, he leaves the Présidente cold, with no explanation. Cécile fares no better, after a particularly rough night in Valmont's room, she miscarries his child.

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