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The Best of Herman's Hermits: No Milk Today by Herman's Hermits

FH: I know that 16 magazine ran contests offering things like "Win A Date With Peter Noone etc, etc. What were your thoughts on all this at the time? Did you feel that you had to cooperate with these teen magazines in order to succeed? U ntil recently when I changed his name to Anita. FH: You had a distinct advantage over some of the other British Pop Stars that were invading America at the time, being as young as you were at the time.

I am proud to have been there when she worked her genius. FH: Back then, your face had to be one of the most instantly recognizable faces on the planet. Today, in 2005, peter noone can beas "recognizable" as he chooses to be.do you feel sometimes like you "step into the character of herman "? Even today, while your biggest hits are now 40 years old, you're a mere babe of what, 35? PN: My advantage was that everybody underestimated me. Being 15, everyone thought I was just a schoolboy hottie and that I would have 2 hits and then go away like the Ryan Twins, but I kept at it and now I am. I still have ALL my original teeth thanks! FH: Your music holds up extremely well today. These are finely crafted pop songs and they've stood the test of time. How much input did you have into selecting your material for recording? Some of them still get to feel happier at my concerts as they recall their youth and the young girls understand because we are selling songs, not thigh wobbling. FH: I remember my OWN mother loving your music.

'60's MusicMagazine. THE beat and, after original, herman'S hermits, drummer, barry whitwam spoke out against us and, peter for what HE said was misrepresenting the truth about the band, a seemingly never-ending wave of controversy. And feeling betrayed when cute little peter noone went and had his teeth fixed! PN: Peter Noone never had his teeth fixed! This was a story invented by Rolling Stone because they couldn't figure out what we were.

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