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(Herzog took over in 2005.) Asked if he would boycott the Drivers Seat, advertising mogul Jerry Della Femina, who sold his oceanfront East Hampton house last year, told me, Forget about the Drivers Seat. The woman who rented a Southampton storefront to the Kardashians is stunned by the harsh reaction of her neighbors and is trying to keep a low profile. Irma Herzog, owner of the Drivers Seat restaurant on Jobs Lane, has been bombarded with snide comments on the Internet and by fellow Southamptonites to me since she rented the space next door. All the clubs are going to want them, one publicist, who didnt want to step into the Kardashian storm by being named, told The Post. Polo is going to want them. (Well, let us amend that: They wont have any more problems than anyone else in this pain-in-the-neck-to-get-a-table eatery.) But we cant imagine that the trail of cameramen and sound mixers would be permitted among the power diners who just want to enjoy their 16 side dish of mushrooms in peace. Photo: Splash News/Doug Kuntz, southampton Mayor Mark Epley told me he hopes it was the novelty of the scene that drew a crowd. I hope it becomes a non-event. People are talking like its Armageddon, Steven Gaines, author of Philistines at the Hedgerow, told me. Maidstone Club, if Groucho Marx (inset) cant make his way into the Maidstone Club, theres no hope for the Kardashians. Photo: Doug Kuntz; Everett Collection, the old story about the Maidstone Club was that during the 1950s, Groucho Marx was greatly impressed by its golf course, but was told that his religion made membership a lost cause. And your chances of scoring a non-resident permit? According to their Web site, permits for 2014 are already sold out. Of course, the one way around that is if they rent some sort of big East Hampton spread.

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