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Sir Michael Philip Mick Jagger (born ) is an English singer, songwriter and actor, best known as lead vocalist and a founding member of The. "The feeling that began to settle in me was not so much resentment towards those Establishment types all around my flat in Belgravia, but fear that their disease might be contagious. Keith's main pal in the band became John Entwistle. They were hysterically funny together and shared an apartment for a while. Roger and I got the impression they did almost everything together, including having sex with girls. Townshend, who has three children with ex-wife, karen Astely and currently lives with his longtime partner, Rachel Fuller, admitted in 1990 book, rock Lives: Profiles and Interviews that he has had same-sex relationships throughout his life. At a press conference today announcing a 36-date North American tour for The Who, in which the band will perform their 1973 double album. Quadrophenia in its entirety, the guitarist shared his thoughts on The Rolling Stones frontman's.

The two rock titans have ended their spat, with Richards admitting to Rolling Stone in May that "some parts of the book, and some of the publicity, really offended Mick and I regret that." Rehearsals are currently underway for the Stones' 50th anniversary tour, set to debut in 2013.

What was their disease? It was actually more a matter of class than age. Most of the rich kids around me were striving to be corporate executives of the future not rebelling against anything.

At a press conference for The Who's upcoming North American tour, the guitarist poked fun at a Rolling Stones feud by weighing in on the singer's privates. Pete Townshend has no complaints, at least where, mick Jagger is concerned.