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Font de Gaume - grotte - visite

To visit close to Les Eyzies, this page in French: Les Eyzies (version Francais).

After travelling for 6 weeks around France, and seeing other caves, the time at Font- de-Gaume is our most indelible memory. There is something much more intimate about the experience of this cave than the others we went to, although they were also fantastic.

The caves of Font de Gaume, Lascaux and the Grotte du Grand-Roc are amongst the most important of the nearby caves. See Les Eyzies caves for more details of the more important caves and prehistoric settlements. You are here: Visit DordogneLes Eyzies, visit Les Eyzies, up to a million visitors per year (to this village of 900 inhabitants) ensure that Les Eyzies is often rather busy. Les Eyzies is in the heart of the Vezere Valley and surrounded by many, many caves and prehistoric drawings and remnants - including some of the most beautiful to be.

Visitors now frequently use the town as a base for exploring the region. The town itself lies mostly along a main street with the cliffs looming up above the village. The houses and shops are a pleasant mix of stone and collombage (half-timber) and have a reasonable number of bars and restaurants for anyone planning to visit or use the. It is also home to the National Prehistory Museum which houses one of the worlds most complete collections of prehistoric artifacts. Just a couple of hundred metres from the National Prehistory museum is Abri Pataud, a cro-magnon shelter dating back almost 40,000 years. Details of how you manage to get tickets vary by season and the process has changed. More.