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03 hours 23 June is 9PM-MDT 22 June) GMT Hour To Zone Conversion. UTC uses a 24-hour system of time notation. "1:00 a.m." in UTC is expressed as 0100, pronounced "zero one hundred." Fifteen minutes after 0100 is expressed as 0115; thirty-eight minutes after 0100 is 0138 (usually pronounced "zero one thirty-eight.

Note: It's important to remember that the full moon occurs at a single instance in time. For observers the moon will appear full for at least a day before and a day after the actual event.

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GMT time difference for various locations through out the world. Zone City or Area Zone Crosses GMT-12 Eniwetok GMT-11 Samoa GMT-10 Hawaii GMT-9 Alaska GMT-8 PST, Pacific US GMT-7 MST, Mountain US GMT-6 CST, Central US GMT-5 EST, Eastern US GMT-4 Atlantic, Canada GMT-3 Brazil, Buenos Aries GMT-2 Mid-Atlantic GMT-1 Cape Verdes GMT Greenwich Mean Time, Dublin GMT1 Berlin, Rome. To convert GMT to local time, simply subtract 6 hours off the GMT to get CST, and subtract 5 hours off the GMT to get CDT. Your answer will be in a form of a 24 hour clock which is equivalent to what the military uses. Step 4: Set desired time at the first location click on the top time box a clock face appears click on an hour - a new clock appears click on a minute click on AM or PM (only applies when using the 12 hour style clock) click on \"Convert\ step 5. GMT Conversion - A Quick Reference. If you are located in the United States, and want to convert from GMT (Greenwich Mean Time) or UTC (Universal Time Coordinate) to your local time then use the following table.