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Des Wotan Schwarzer Haufen lyrics

According to Chris Kempster this song was brought back by Australians returning from a work brigade in. Yugoslavia in the late 1940's. Werner Lowenstein tells me that he learnt it as boy in Germany and brought it to Australia as a refugee from the. Florian Geyer, florian Geyer, troops of Geyer clad in black are we, heia o-ho. And we will stamp out tyranny, heia o-ho, chorus, spearmen ho! Forward go! On the castle roof let the Red Cock crow, spearmen ho!

The song comes from a German song "Wir sind des Geyers schwarzer. Haufen" We are the Black Band of Geyer. Florian Geyer was a Franconian Knight who joined the rebels in the German Peasant's War of 1525, rallying under the Peasantry's famous "Bundschuh" flag, which Brad Tate tells me is a red black and white flag with a peasant's boot.

Ein gleiches Recht, das woll'n wir han' Heia Ho Ho, Vom Fürsten bis zum Bauersmann Heia Ho Ho. Uns führt der Florian Geyer an, Trutz Acht und Bann, Den Bundschuh führt er in der Fahn, Hat Helm und Harnisch an. The noble's only God is pride, heia o-ho, the Holy Scripture is our guide, heia o-ho. We're beaten though our cause is right, heia o-ho, our sons will carry on the fight, heia o-ho, notes, words from the singing of Bill Berry. John Manifold recalls the song being played by BBC broadcasts to Germany during. World War II. He included his 1948 translation of it in his Collected Verses (QUP 1978 the lines: "When Adam dug and Eve did toil No princes trespassed on their soil" are remarkably similar to a verse from the English Peasant's Revolt of 1381: "When Adam dug.

Heia Ho Ho. Den Pfaffen wollen wir kastrier'n Heia Ho Ho, Die Eier an die Kirchtür schmier'n. Heia Ho Ho. Bei Weinsberg setzt es Brand und Stank, Heia Ho Ho, Gar mancher über die Klinge sprang.

Nazis during World War II. He sang it in the Austral Singers in Melbourne. As far as I know this English version is only sung in Australia. "On the castle roof let the Red Cock crow" is a euphamism for burning the castle down.