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In particular, the Postal Police officers themselves had been separated in the dwelling, and while Fabio Marzi was taken by Amanda Marie Knox to look at the drops of blood, Inspector Battistelli was on the other hand following the long conversation that took place before the door was forced open. The defense maintained the Postal Police arrived after the emergency calls were completed, demonstrating that several prosecution claims didnt withstand scrutiny. Judge Giancarlo Massei, who presided over the original trial, sided with the defense.23.

Because Amanda can be heard in the background of the first call to 112, it is simply impossible for the call to have escaped the officers notice in the time they were alone with the students. En savoir plus, l'entretien, blinken à France 24: Difficile dimaginer une solution en Syrie sans lIran. En savoir plus, focus, proche-Orient : à Jérusalem-Est, en pleine tension entre Israéliens et Palestiniens.

If, as both the defe. The defense argued that the Carabinieri units time-stamped 13:22 appearance at the driveway gate could have occurred no earlier than a 13:29 call to Knoxs cell phone from the Carabinieri Regional Command a call made because the dispatched unit was in need of directions to the house.36 Both Battistelli and Marzi testified the Carabinieri arrived at some point after they.

Barbadori testified these frames depict the first appearance of the Postal Police.30. At 12:41 an identical Punto is seen driving past the camera from left to right. A figure walks away from the cottage gate.

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