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Atari s E.T. video game unearthed from New Mexico landfill - CNN

In 2013 a documentary crew decided to film its excavation of the area and confirmed the tale was true. Related: YouTube Launches Live-Streaming Video Game Service, according to. The Alamogordo News, the city sold 881 of the game cartridges, gave 100 to the documentary crew and donated 23 to museums.

The Extra-Terrestrial" cartridges. As the story goes, the reviled Atari 2600 movie tie-in game went largely unwanted by consumers, and Atari - facing financial catastrophe due to the very costly flop - decided to rid themselves of thousands upon thousands of these unsold cartridges, dumping them in the New Mexico landfill and leaving them buried forever. "All these people showed up to see something, and obviously they're seeing something. "If we had found absolutely nothing, that would have been the point of the documentary." Penn said. "What would have sucked is if we'd have dug up some stuff, and there's no E.T. In a strange way, the dig team at Alamogordo made history today - and now, at long last, we know the truth behind one of gaming's most enduring, widespread legends! M. Today's excavators went to Alamogordo hoping to provide closure to this legend, perhaps make history and get some awesome documentary footage for the upcoming original film by Xbox, "Atari: Game Over" (working title). An instruction manual. And the confirmation of "a lot more down there." How many more, we don't know just yet - but at this point, we can safely report that those long-buried cartridges are actually, 100 percent there. Fuel Entertainment took an interest in the legend, and in December 2013, with help from local garbage contractor Joe Lewandowski, acquired the exclusive rights to excavate the Alamogordo landfill. Fuel Entertainment then brought the opportunity to Xbox Entertainment Studios. The image above is of materials recovered from the dig. Polygon's Matt Leone, on the scene, says at least one. E.T. Package has been found "complete with inserts. They say there are lots more games down there.".

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