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Perhaps most importantly, hes curious about everything, and truly in love with cinema. All the directors I introduced Fred Avril to were enchanted and transformed by the collaboration. His musical imagination invariably exceeded their hopes. Bebe lilly - LES betises. What are the english lyrics for this song? Lyrics to Les Bêtises :. J'ai tout mangé le chocolat. An overview of Les Betises, including cast and credit details, a review summary, and more. I am very proud of the soundtracks Ive supervised with him. Pierre-Marie Dru, music supervisor, sound of Noise / les Voies Impénétrables les Amis à Vendre. Pigalle. Fred Avril has a fantastic feeling of not only finding the exact right tone for scenes, but also to deepen and enhance the story. He is a perfectionist and when he commits to the adventure of a film, he gives the same time, he is an incredible guitar-player and singer, a one-man band, a great arranger, a DJ His innumerable hats make him a musical phenomenon worthy of comparisons with legendary composers Delerue, De Roubaix and Cosma.

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