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Les Zazous

Wed love to know yours! Drop us a note at. Crepe Recipe: Lets cook! If you fancy whipping up a batch at home, its really not an unreasonable production. If you dont have a crepe pan, a large cast iron skillet will suffice, though you have to be fairly nimble to get the partially cooled crepe out and flip it.

Of all the delights the French have contributed to the world, a well-made crepe ranks right up there with gypsy jazz, the Deux Chevaux, the cabernet grape and Edith Piaf (almost). If you have never had a piping hot crepe au chocolat at 1 am after a night of frivolity, you aint living! French novelist Anatole France describes the perfect crepe: A golden huethin and transparent like muslin, their edges are trimmed to resemble fine lace. Laurence Costa 5 star Accueil au top, bonne musique, carte variée et en plus bon rapport qualité-prix. Un bon resto qui sert tard ça existe encore. (Be sure to butter the pan prior to cooking each crepe). Filling ideas : Sweet nutella, fruit jams (strawberry, raspberry, apricot butter and Grand Marnier (or a favorite liqueur) Savory cheese, thinly sliced ham, chicken in bechamel sauce, lightly fried eggs scallions. But I have to admit: I vehemently dislike galettes. I find them coarse and unpalatable, with the consistency of a cigar box. So, when ordering a savory crepe, I always request a crepe versus a galette. The dining opportunities were limitless from mobile stands on the beach, creperie restaurants devoted entirely to crepes (check out the, creperie de Deux Provinces when in Montpellier and crepe bars tucked into a busy city block, often open well into the wee hours. Specialties: Dépaysement et détente pour ces nouveaux Zazous Situé au cœur du Paris Rive gauche, Les Zazous vous accueille le temps d un déjeuner, d un dîner.

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