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With no money and no girls, the three guys quickly see their dream-quest transform into a series of wacky misunderstandings, leading them onto the most important journey of their lives. LES kara is the film adaptation of Kara Shopping, Canals first web series.

LES kara will recall, lascars, shown at Fantasia in 2009 and if you pay attention, you might catch a reference to that production. Its worth pointing out that adapting two-minute sketches to a feature-length format hasnt affected the dynamism and style of the series. Thinking theyve found the best job in the world, they meet with a producer, willing to hire them provided they show him a demo real of their exploits by Monday morning. If you enjoy spending a good time with friends, laughing, but especially getting the chance to see one of the best French comedies of the year, LES kara is for you. The film also marks the feature-film debut of series creator Franck Gastambide. In addition to starring the same three main characters, Gastambide has also managed, despite a small budget, to convince famous actors to appear in. Éric S. Boisvert.

Arthur voit Lauren, parle avec elle. Mais Lauren est dans le coma, irréversible selon les médecins. Lorsque l'esprit de la jeune femme s'estompe, Arthur devient vraiment fou, croyant qu'elle est vraiment morte.

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