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A-Z Lyrics F french montana Lyrics). I'm the life of the party let's get these hoes on the Molly. You know I came to stunt, so drop that pussy bitch, i got what you want. Drop that pussy bitch, film it, film it, this bitch want me to film it Ballin ballin' like I play for New England Spend it, spend it, spend a stack every. And I'm hella smoke, bitch know that, filthy rich before rap, your new deal, I throw that 3 Benz I'm on that. We pop a molly, she buss it up, she seen it, got it, that pussy soaking, hook. Greystone, 20 bottles that's on me On the couches, wildin' out Yelling "free my niggas" 'till they all free One of my closest dawgs got 3 kids and they all 3 But we always been the type of crew that been good without a plan B Hook Lil' Wayne: Biiiitch, Stop talkin' that shit And suck a nigga dick for. Hundred out the lot, I be leaning that's a rock. Hundred large bring a mop, cars tinted like Barack, got a brinks truck in my pocket (pocket) 30 chains on my collar (collar) 2 drops, no mileage, top off like Wallace. French montana lyrics "Pop That" (feat. Rick Ross, Lil Wayne Drake rick Ros: Drop that pussy bitch, what ya twerkin with. Drake: I'm some young papi, champagne, they know the face, and they know the name (Drop that pussy bitch what you twerkin' with? Hook: Work, work, work, work, bounce x4, what you twerkin' with x4. French Montana: Work, work, work, work, work, work, what you twerkin' with, throw it, buss it open. Show me what you twerkin with, ass so fat, need a lap dance, i'm in that white ghost chasin' Pac man.