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Katy Perry - ( California Gurls chords )

C Venice Beach C And Palm Springs G Summertime is everything Am Homeboys Am Hangin' out F All that ass F Hangin' out C Bikinis, tankinis, martinis G No weenies G Just a king G And a queen-ie Am Katy my lady Am (Yeah) F You're lookin'here baby F C (Uh huh) C I'm all up on you G 'Cause.

Am F, california gurls, f We're unforgettable, c Daisy Dukes, g Bikinis on top, am. Sun-kissed skin, f So hot, f We'll melt your Popsicle, c G, oooooh oh oooooh. Am F, california girls F We're undeniable C Fine, fresh, fierce G We got it on lock Am Westcoast represent F Now put your hands up ooooh oh oooooh Am.

Hey guys! This is my first tab, and it's kind of my own version of the song you could say. So here ya go! Capo 3, am F, i know a place, c G, where the grass is really greener, am F. Warm, wet and wild, c G, there must be somethin' in the water, am F. Sippin' gin and juice, c G, layin' underneath the palm trees (Undone am. The boys, f Break their necks, c G (hold try'na creep a little sneak peek (At us am F.

You could travel the world, c But nothing comes close, g, to the Golden Coast Am F. Once you party with us, c You'll be falling in love, g Oooooh oh oooooh.

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