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The camera loves the young couple, shot to look like poster children for a new Aryan nation. Semi-inscrutable and yet totally fascinating, Haenel comes across as tough enough to win The Hunger Games out from under Jennifer Lawrence, while Azais, with his heavy brow and semi-vacant expressions, embodies the raw material of Arnauds workplace, playing a block of wood (and. These scenes take place in the enormous forested region of Landes where huge wildfires rage in the distance. Its an almost primordial backdrop against which this couple is free to pretend theyre the last two humans on earth. For better or worse, that low-key blandness is the thing that really sets Cailleys film apart. In the States, the same story could (and arguably should) be boiled down to a solid 30-minute short, whereas on the Euro fest circuit, theres more patience for the pics somewhat listless and atmospheric qualities set to a hypnotic electro score from HitnRun and. It never ceases to amaze, the lengths to which young men will go to impress the first girl who seriously grabs their attention, and Les Combattants charmingly captures this impulse over the course of a lightly humorous if otherwise underwritten first hour apart from a wonderfully specific opening scene, in which the brothers are witnessed trying to buy a coffin. THE blog Watch: Les Combattants. 70. Budgeted at 2.7 million, Fight was produced by Pierre Guyard at Paris-based Nord-Ouest Films.

Watch Les Combattants movie streaming in HD: download full Movie Streaming Online. ILockerMovies. Dmca; Disclaimer;. Production: Canal Nord-Ouest Productions. Though the slow-boil chemistry is there, the script feels flat, content to rely on the surface friction between its lead actors, rather than creating scenes in which we can really get to know the pairs respective personalities before testing their limits in the field.

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