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My second thought was, I hope those bamboo trees can hold hundreds of pounds of gorilla! It was a little unnerving for them to be climbing directly overhead. In terms of my expectations, I thought that wed come across the group sitting in a clearing where wed sit 20 feet away and watch them eat and play for an hour.

Yours sincerely, Dr Jenny Pynt Co-Director StuVac Seminars PS Please feel free to post this to your website. At the end of August I met up with my friend Wendy who recently finished a Peace Corps Response project in Malawi to see the gorillas in Rwanda. (Did you know that gorilla nose prints are all different, like human fingerprints? Not that thats helpful to me in identifying them.) Dear Danny, We are now back in England and wanted to write to say thank you so much for organising our Rwanda trip for us. Please feel free to use them on your website. "I spent 5 days in Rwanda on a trip organized by Bizidanny Tours Safaris. Our terrific guide was with my two sons (twenty-somethings) and me the entire time. Our guide, Francois, who has worked for 29 years and worked with Dian Fossey Sunday was our day for tracking. We purchased our permits in February because July/August are supposed to be the high season. Speaking of S., he was the best! We so much enjoyed talking to him and traveling with him. I can't imagine a better guide to your country. Thank you again, many times over, for putting together such a good vacation for us.

Our experience was much cooler than that. After Francois convinced the gorillas to come out of the tree we got to watch them eat and interact with each other. Moving from place to place through the thick forest.

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